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NQF5 - Christian Religious Professional

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Christian Religious Practitioner.

Christian Religious Practitioner facilitates the effective practice of ministry work within a specific congregation/faith community to encourage spiritual formation, to nurture fellowship and mutual care within the congregation/faith community, to help members developing a Christian lifestyle, to provide Christian leadership, to ensure organisational well-being, and to facilitate appropriate responses of the congregation/faith community to needs in the wider society. A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Share the gospel in a specific context and to a specific audience.
  • Build caring relationships in the faith community and respond to the spiritual and physical needs of members.
  • Provide spiritual leadership and develop leaders in a faith community.
  • Arrange and oversee the day to day running of ministries and of the administrative and accountability processes of the faith community.
  • Share the gospel in a specific context and to a specific audience.

Excel Academy has different training options. Contact sessions in our different learning centres, online and blended learning. Contact sessions will take place at different learning centres and at an arranged time. The student choosing this option must attend the training at a specific venue preferably near to where they live. All traveling, refreshments and lunch will be at the students own expense. Different options are available for students who choose online training. A well-developed Learner Management System (LMS) is at the disposal of students that can facilitate the student to complete the theoretical modules. Virtual classes are also available with Zoom as a platform. Students choosing this method will have to download Zoom on a laptop (preferably) or cell phone (sometimes too small a screen). They must have enough internet data and a stable connection. Blended learning refers to a mix of all the above, which can suit the specific needs and position of each student.

The one-year Full-Time Learning option is available at the Lewende Woord Centurion Campus. LW Ministry Training provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students learn, develop and grow. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods help students take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence.

Internship (2 Years)


NQF5 (Part Time)

R 14740 Incl. Application & Registration Fee, Excl. R1000 External Examination Fee & RPL Fee.
  • Application Fee: R 200 (Non-refundable)
  • Registration Fee: R 500 (After successful application, Non-refundable)
  • Module Fee: R 877.50 (per module, Includes books)

Application Process

Complete the form below and upload the required documentation to submit your application.

2. Approved

You will receive an email confirming that your application have been approved and requesting you to confirm which payment option you choose.

Login details will be created for you and you will receive an “email request” to reset your password.

4. Pay

Lastly, you will receive an email with a link to the payment option you chose. After your payment was successfully processed your module(s) will be activated.

What to do if you have lost your Grade 12 Certificate?

Please follow this link and follow the instructions!

NQF 5 Bridging Course

Please take note: If you wish to  take (Enroll in) the NQF 5 Course and do not have a GR 12 Qualification, you first must apply and successfully complete the NQF 5 Bridging Course. To apply for the NQF 5 Bridging Course, please select the  “Bridging Course (NQF5)” option in the Course Dropdown List of the application form below.

The Application Fee is R200 and will be payable with registration (applicable to NQF 2 & 5 Courses)

Download, Sign and upload with your Application