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Become an efficient, effective, and skillful pastor in ministry

Excel Theological Training Academy

Affiliated with the ACRP

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what we offer

Distance learning programs (Through Zoom)

Learning group meetings at learning points (for practical and workplace modules)

Accredited training at an affordable price

message from ceo

Welcome to Excel Theological Training Academy!

We want to equip pastors for their ministry in the local church through an accredited program in order to adhere to the commission of Jesus and to establishment the church on the foundation of Christ. I know that your participation in our training program will be one of the most transforming experiences of your journey. Our programs are specifically designed to train you to become an efficient, effective and skilful pastor in ministry. I want to encourage you to put your heart, mind and body into this training. When you don’t invest significantly you will not finish what have you started. It’s like the story of a small boy that throws his hat over a very high wall. His friend shocked because of this irresponsible act asked: Why did you do this? His answer was: Now I have to get over the wall to retrieve my hat! Throw your heart into this training and your life will follow with the result of receiving your qualification and at the end to become an effective minister of the Gospel of Christ! – Dr Ernrich Basson

Dr Ernrich Basson

journey together

How to Start a learning Point?

In your local church or through your ministry

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality training to Church leaders throughout South Africa. We believe that the teaching of sound knowledge, ethical and moral values will contribute significantly to the sustainability of society. Excel Theological Training Academy exists to train leaders with applicable academic knowledge and practical leadership skills. We are a formal training institution that is registered as a private company in South Africa (Reg: 2020/654216/07.) The Training Academy will provide skill orientated qualifications to students through training in classrooms and online. The team at Excel Academy comprises of well-diversified and educated staff with many years of accumulated knowledge, experience and with a very good administrative and financial infrastructure. We offer distance learning programs and training through learning centres.

How do you benefit?

You can start a learning point (for practical and workplace modules) where your student’s function under the guidance of facilitators that we appoint but facilitation will always happen in accredited sites. When you have enough students, we can also serve you by registering as an extension of scope your training premises. but we train and approve to ensure good quality and standards. We have established a well-managed administrative system that forms the backbone of the training centre. Our excellent Learner Management System assists us in our critical operations with online capabilities. To ensure quality control, all assessments are marked at Excel’s Academy offices. All learners will receive their QCTO certificates after the successful completion of the learning programs and the external exams.

  • You have your own bible school (training centre for the practical and workplace modules) that empowers your people
  • You train church planters to extend your current ministry
  • You provide accredited training
  • You can be certain of the sustainability and success of your learning centre through the systems that we created like a well-developed Learner Management System (LMS) that is at the disposal of students and can facilitate the student to complete the theoretical modules. Virtual classes are also available with Zoom as a platform.
  • You can run the training at minimal costs because of the financial structure. It even pays your facilitators through the process.
  • Your students must gain their workplace experience, which creates a wonderful opportunity for you to enlarge your volunteer base.

How do you start a learning centre?

  • You need to sign a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement)
  • You need to contact Dr Stephan Smith (Cell: 0824633433) to arrange a date for the training of your facilitators and to create your local setup.
  • You need to create a launch team which requires the appointment of a facilitator/s, advertisement and information session.
  • If you also want to train your students with the theoretical modules in classrooms we have to do an application for extension of scope at the QCTO.

We will guide you through all the steps and processes. If you need more information, you are welcome to contact us by sending a mail to: